Next Meeting

If you are not involved in Wilson ONE, you are missing out! Please come join us!

Our next meeting is Thursday, October 3rd!

This month’s Speaker:

This month we will hear from Angela Mueller with Surprise Parties/The Drops of Hope.
This month’s Project:

Our project for this month is Compassionate Hands.

They are in need of: White washcloths/bath towelsTwin size White bed sheet sets

Below is some information about Compassionate Hands. In 2012, a group of Christians set out to make sure nobody froze to death in Wilson County. We opened shelters in eight churches in December 2013, and it has been amazing to watch God’s work unfold.
-5,914 beds provided over five years – 1,522 in 2017-18
-11,000+ meals served (dinner & breakfast each night)
-400+ people who spent at least one night as a guest – 79 men and 22 women in 2017-18
-Hundreds of volunteers offered transportation, first aid & basic medical care, warm clothes
-175 volunteer hours needed to operate the ministry every night of the winter
-34 Wilson County churches from 16 traditions uniting to serve

Hope to see you there!