December 2018 Meeting

Wilson ONE never ceases to amaze us and today was no different! We had a great turnout of 50 incredible women and these incredible women are helping to dress other women who are in need. Everyone brought in dresses, business suits, shoes and accessories, to help 3 wonderful programs: Liz Reese with Brooks House ( , Nora Jackson with Healing Broken Vessels ( , and Betty Byrd with Adult Education ( . Hope we can help make a difference!


We also had a surprise guest, Donna Odum with Henderson’s Florist ( , who taught some of us to make Christmas bows. We had many who produced beautiful bows!

  • Most importantly, it’s what keeps Wilson ONE an amazing organization, Marie Farley swore in our new officers.
  • Medana Hobbs Hemontolor as President
  • Saranne Winfield as Vice President
  • Karen Fleming Rudzinski as Secretary
  • Elaine Nawiesniak as Treasurer


2019 will be just as amazing!






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